What do tenants want in 2017?

Most important property factors revealed by Gary Whittaker

One of the most important things that letting agents need to know when it comes to finding tenants, marketing and showing properties is what prospective residents are likely to be looking for from the home they are looking to rent.

The challenge that exists with this is that the things tenants are looking for are constantly changing, and letting agents need to make sure they are aware of these in order to keep up with the changing times of the private rented sector. This way, they know they always have the best chance of finding tenants to live in their properties.

It used to be the case that tenants wanted somewhere that’s near a good school, has good transport links and has a good bathroom and kitchen, but times are changing. Here, we take a look at what tenants are looking for in the new era of rental property.


Between working at home, shopping online, gaming and streaming video content, the internet is a bigger part of any tenant’s life than it has ever been before. This means that the majority of tenants are now on the lookout for homes that have fast enough internet to handle the demands of their day-to-day life. A stable and quick broadband connection is basically a must, so landlords and letting agents must ensure they are advertising speeds wherever possible.

Energy efficiency

Bills are more expensive than they’ve ever been before, but the forward moves that have taken place in the green and sustainable energy sector over the past few years means that people can save money if their home enables them to. Double-glazed windows, smart meters and other smaller money saving techniques are just a few of the efficiency perks that tenants keep an eye out for in the modern world of renting.

Work/life balance

More important than in the past for tenants is that they can enjoy a strong work/life balance, based around the property they live in. This means they want to live somewhere that is reasonably close to work, while also having good access to shops, restaurants and bars nearby. If your property allows the tenant the chance to enjoy this balance, it’s always a good idea to shout about it a little in the marketing materials for the home.

Clean decor

Interiors are not as important as they used to be, but it’s still a good idea to ensure that your decor is on point and providing tenants with the sort of aesthetic they want to live in. This means that wooden floors, white or cream wall coverings and sleek bathrooms and kitchens should always be the focus when decorating to get the home in line with what tenants are on the lookout for.

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