Why Rent with Boxall Brown & Jones?

Boxall Brown & Jones have an expert knowledge on the lettings market in Derby and throughout the county.  We listen to what style of property or location that you want – and do our best to find it for you.

We are able to give you expert guidance in what to expect from an Agent – before guiding you through the process of renting, completing references and moving you into your chosen property.

Boxall Brown & Jones have comprehensive Tenancy Agreements, offering full protection when renting a property, complemented by an expert team who are on-hand six days a week to make sure your tenancy runs as smoothly as possible.

Before a tenancy application can be considered you will need to complete a pre application this can be done by contact the office on 01332 384438. Once your application has been approved you will be sent a link to our referencing company FCC Pargon to complete the appropriate form online. FCC Paragon will then obtain your references accordingly. The cost for referencing is as follows:

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1 tenant £230.00
Tenant 2+ or guarantor £80.00
Company let £420.00

Inventory fee                                                                           £100.00


All Prices are including VAT at the prevailing rate.


Why are references required?

Anybody wanting to rent a property through Boxall Brown & Jones will be required to provide us with details of people from whom we will be able to request references. References enable the landlord to make an informed decision on whether or not you will be a suitable applicant for their property and we would be more than happy to guide you through the application process if required.

I have been told that I need to pay an application fee when applying to take on a property, what is this?

Boxall Brown & Jones charge an application fee of £230.00 for the first applicant and £80.00 for each person thereafter. This fee covers the cost of completing the reference and credit checks and preparing the associated tenancy documentation.


Do I have to sign a lease with my landlord?

On the day that you move into a property through Boxall Brown & Jones you will be invited into the office to sign a comprehensive lease agreement. The lease that is used by Boxall Brown & Jones is the very best document available to give you and your landlord every possible protection. Sample copies of our lease can be obtained from the office on request and we would encourage you to contact the office if you require any further information.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Most of the properties rented through Boxall Brown & Jones require a deposit which is the equivalent of one month’s rental plus another £150 ie if the rent is £500, we shall take a £650 deposit. This deposit will be placed in our client’s account which is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and administered by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme who will if there are no problems with the property, ensure that the deposit is returned to you promptly at the end of your tenancy.

When can I pick up the keys to my new property?

You will receive the keys to your property on the day that you sign the tenancy agreement. After signing the agreement we will talk you through your responsibilities for the house and hand the keys over.

At this stage, you will also need to have Tenants Contents Insurance in place.  We are Introducer Appointed Representatives for Leaseguard who can talk you through what insurance is required and provide you with a competitive rate. Click here for a quote:  https://www.leaseguard.co.uk/obtain-a-quote.aspx

As a tenant, what am I responsible for?

When you rent a property you become responsible for all of the charges relating to services provided to the house including gas, water, electricity and telephone. If you choose to have Sky TV or a television at the property you will also be responsible for paying that as well as Council Tax levied on the property. Although the landlord will be responsible for the structural insurance of the property, this does not extend to your possessions. Therefore, you may wish to consider taking out an insurance policy to cover your contents.  Please ask us about this as we may be able to put you in touch with a competitive insurer.   The tenancy agreement will provide further details on your exact responsibilities as a tenant.

What is my landlord responsible for?

The landlord is responsible for the structural condition of the property and for making sure that the structure of the property and any appliances contained therein are kept in good repair for you. If you rent a property managed by Boxall Brown & Jones, you will be able to contact us with any problems. Boxall Brown & Jones will do our very best to arrange a speedy repair or replacement.

Who is responsible for the TV Licence?

The tenant is responsible for the TV Licence.

What maintenance is the landlord required to complete?

It is in the landlord’s interest to adequately maintain the property during your stay at the property for their own benefit. A landlord should keep up to date the structural repair of the house and ensure that the decoration is in good order. If, when you move into the property, there are issues that you had not noticed Boxall Brown & Jones will do our very best to liaise directly with your landlord to resolve any potential problems.

Can my landlord increase my rent at any time?

During the first six months of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy it is not possible for the landlord to increase the rent. However, at the end of that Tenancy or during a Periodic Tenancy, by serving the appropriate notice it is possible to increase rent. Further details on this can be obtained from the Lettings team.

Can I redecorate to make any other alterations to the property?

We want you to be happy in your new home and if there is anything you want to specifically do to make the property more suitable for you, we would encourage you to contact us directly. It is not possible to make any alterations to the internal fabric of your property without the written consent of the landlord which we would be more than happy to discuss on your behalf.

How do we end my lease early?

It is only possible to end your lease early by the agreement of both the landlord and tenant. However, if you do need to leave your tenancy, we will do everything possible to liaise directly with your landlord to ensure that you are dealt with fairly to reach the necessary conclusion for all parties.

Can I stay longer than the agreed term of my tenancy?

We will contact you shortly before the end of your agreed term to see what your intentions are for staying on at the property. If the landlord has no objections, we can extend your tenancy on a month by month basis which may give you the flexibility you need. Again, speak to us if you need more information.

Can my landlord refuse to give me back my deposit?

If the landlord feels that they have an appropriate grievance with the way you have behaved at the property during your stay, they can apply to the Tenancy Dispute Service to retain some or all of your deposit. The Tenancy Dispute Service (TDS) will carefully evaluate the case and look back at both the inventory and photographs taken at the start of the tenancy before deciding whether or not the landlord has an appropriate claim. This process will be carefully monitored by Boxall Brown & Jones who are in turn regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to ensure that this process is completed fairly.

Who can help me if I have problems with my landlord?

Boxall Brown & Jones are always on hand to help you if you are having problems of any sort. We aim to work with respectable landlords who are keen to provide the very best service to their tenant and we can normally always sort out any issues which may arise.


Emergency Out of Hours Contact

If you are one of our fully managed tenants and have an out of hours emergency, you can still contact us.

An emergency is:

Gas leaks – if you smell gas vacate the property immediately and call 0800 111 999 and get Western Power out.  Then please contact us to let us know what has happened and if there is further rectification work required.

Water leaks (ie that will at least fill a bucket of water overnight)

Electrical faults, Boiler/heating/hot water faults in cold weather, Blocked drains

(Please note that you may incur a cost if you call someone out and it is not deemed an emergency)

Anything other repairs should be reported to us using enquiries@bbjlettings.co.uk and will be dealt with on the next working day.